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Brittany Durazzani Coaching – Lifecoaching for LDS Young Women
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Welcome to Brittany Durazzani Coaching

Life Coaching for Latter-Day-Saint Young Women

What would you do with more confidence?

A lot of you think that when you are prettier, have more friends, or make the team THEN you will be more confident.

But you have to BEGIN with confidence.

I help young women be more confident without changing anything else in their lives. It starts with our belief about ourselves.

I help young women understand their worth is set. They already are 100% worthy.

We change their beliefs about themselves that aren't serving them. I teach them how to believe whatever it is they want to believe about themselves.

This shift in their self worth and self confidence changes everything. When we feel more confident we show up for ourselves and others in a way that has us contributing and growing.

Are you ready to feel more confident?



Through private weekly sessions that are catered to exactly what you are dealing with, I will help you build your confidence and self esteem and have you doing more of what you love. Schedule your Free Mini Session with me below. No high pressure sales. Just free help. You're welcome. 💜