As a previous Young Women President I served many young women who struggled with anxiety, anger, overwhelm, relationships with their parents and friends. 

They feel overwhelmed with school work, chores, and sports. They feel pressure to have a stronger testimony and better grades. They feel like they aren't enough. That if only they could get it together, or be more like her they’d feel better and stop disappointing everyone.

I have the tools to help young women understand that suffering is optional. That emotions like anxiety and overwhelm aren’t a problem when you know how to process them. That you get to believe whatever it is you want to about yourself. And that nothing you do determines your worth. It's already been set. You are 100% worthy and lovable, EXACTLY as you are. Everything you achieve and do is just for fun.

When you have the self-confidence that comes from knowing you can handle any emotion, and that failure doesn’t change your worth your world will open up.

The girls in my program learn to be more confident, and they stop being reactive to their day and start living with intention

They learn the tools to create what it is they want in their lives. They transform their relationships with their parens and siblings and enjoy spending time at home. They have supportive friends with similar values and goals. They have more energy and love and less overwhelm and stress. 

The young women that go through my program are solid in their belief that they are 100% worthy. It's a belief that once learned will carry with them throughout their life as they go out to create and serve.

Join me in empowering your young woman and help her understand her worth and who she can become. 


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